A different way to explore West Africa

A different way to explore West Africa

Get connected to the best local experiences

Let us connect you to the best guides, hotels, tour and travel companies, outfitters and destinations in West Africa.

Or we can listen to what you want and plan the best trip for you with our extensive knowledge of the region and network of professionals.

Let us share our passion for the culture and region

Green Bug Adventures was created to share the amazing country of Ghana to the world, natural areas, beaches, wildlife, history and culture.  This mission has expanded from just the founder to his team of travel professional and also to the sub region including Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.

Travel the way you want to

Travel has become so inpersonal in may places in the world and with many operators.  We want to listen to what you want to experience and make your dreams come true.

Transparent costs

We will be transparent with all costs involved in your trip.  In the end you will have some fixed costs with the tour providers, transportation, hotels and the other suppliers of your trip, but we will allow you to then also see what our charges are.

What do we NOT do

We have no interest in arranging car rental or transportation only without some sort of itinerary component, planning compontent, local guide or interpretation.  We also do not want to feed you canned off the shelf trips.  We have listed some adventures on the site but this is to give you an idea about what you can see and do and the cost invovled.

We do not operate tours on our own; we will connect you with the best in the business from our years of experiance, working with and talking to thousands of travelers.



 “What if tourism could be a force for good, encouraging communications and relationships, fostering healthy and sustainable local community development and minimizing the environmentally damaging effects of travel?”

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