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About us
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The Green Bug Story

About us

From the start...

Green Bug Adventures has offered amazing trips and Eco-Adventures to Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso since 2011. Historically we have worked with responsible tour opperators to provide guests fully planned tours with accommodations, guides, itineraries, and transportation. We have introduced West Africa to many travelers since our opening and they have been delighted with their experiances.

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Change in travel...

We recognize there are many wonderful travel providers in the market now and know that customers can contact them directly to get the best price for their adventures. We have also noticed a change in the market for customers mainly only looking for transportation because they are planning their own trips and want that extra level of independence. As the market has changed we still have extensive knowlege of the region and we do not want to let this go to waste.

The new Green Bug...

We have changed gears rather than selling custom tours and transportation we are now focusing on the best ways to share our knowledge and all we ask in return is that you consider what we are offering in consultation, informaiton on this website, and direct booking for hotels and donate what you feel it is worth to you.

Rather than working with fixed tour providers and transportation providers we will work with you to figure out what your travel needs are and connect you with the best people in the business to take care of the actual opperation on the trip.


We want to justify our possition and do not want to be seen as just a middle man.  Throughout the years we have learned a lot about travel in the region through, trail and error and this has at times been a heafty investment or an expensive learning.  We can not control what some of the fixed costs will be in your adventure but we can be transparent about the cost of thest things like transportation, hotels, tour company costs, guides, sites and so on.  For our services we clearly show these fees so you can be informed about what you are paying for Read our FAQ page for me information.

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Superior Hospitality TeamWho is behind Green Bug...

Since 2013 Leif has been living and working in Ghana full time.  In addition to operating Green Bug Adventures he Cofounded Superior Hospitality Solutions offering digital marketing solutions and software to hotels, capacity building in the hospitality industry and hotel managment.  All the hotels offering direct booking on greenbugadventures.com are clients of Superior Hospitality Solutions.  Green Bug Adventures has now moved under the umbrella of Superior Hospitality Solutions taking advantage of great digital marketing solutions and a team with over 50 years of hospitality experiance in the region.