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Frequently Asked Questions

We realise out business model is drastically different from most traditional tour companies and online travel agencies.  To help you understand how we operate we have compiled some frequently asked questions and answers below.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Q.  Do you get any kick backs or commissions from the hotels or tour operators you work with?

A.  For the hotels listed on this site we receive nothing from the the hotel or the guest.  Our mother company Superior Hospitality Solutions has a marketing relationship with these hotel that is a flat monthly fee that has nothing to do with being listed on this site.  If you book a hotel on this site Superior Hospitality Solutions does not receive anything additional from the hotel either only good will.

Occationally tour operators and hotels will give us a discount for our relationship and the volume of business we bring to them.  We will always try to communicate this discount to our clients and extend it to them so they can enjoy savings when working with us.

Q.  Why would I book a hotel on Green Bug Adventures website and not with or

A.  The booking for hotels on our site is a booking directly with the hotel.  We do not take any commission or increase the prices at all.  Responsible travel is not completely the responsiblity of companies in the industry it is also the responsiblity of the traveler and we are providing you an option of increasing these hand picked local indpendent hotel's revenue on a booking upto 15-25% which the above mentioned online travel agencies charge the hotel in commsision.  Not to mention what the credit card companies and banks make in the middle moving that money around.

Hotels always appreciate direct bookings.  Book a hotel on our website and send them an email after you get your confirmation letting them know you booked directly with them and you know that saves them in the end perhaps they can do something for you, an upgrade, a free late check out or early check in or even an airport pickup.  Just a little secrete we have learned in our other busineess working with 150 hotels in the region.

Q.  Are you looking to find the cheapest options or are you also interested in assuring an honorable income for the operators?

A. We are not focusing on budget travel and accommodation so we will always look for a quality option for you that will provide you the trip that you need based upon your travel expecations.  If you stress to us that budget is a priority for you and you are a budget traveler then we will look for options that will work for you.  This will mean though that you will not be using transportation or a full time guide so looking for a budget opertator would not even work within your needs here.  We would provide you the information and connection to local guides on your trip so you can travel indpendently and save money in this regard.

Q.  What do I need to do before my trip to Ghana?

A.  Figure out what your priorities are on your trip.  Come and talk to us we can then help you in the planning and the other steps along the way.  You will most likely need a visa depending on where you are coming from.  Read our informative blog post on Visa and Entry Requirments here.  You will also need to see a travel clinic to get at the very least a Yellow Fever Vaccination, we would also recomend Malaria prophalaxis, typhoid vaccination and other that the doctor may recommend.  You can not enter Ghana without a Yellow Fever Vaccination though.