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Ghana Cape 3 Points Trekking Adventure
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Ghana Cape 3 Points Trekking Adventure

Hiking | Cape 3 Points Trekking Adventure | Green Bug Adventures

This unique tour offered by no-one else is a great way to get to see so much of what makes Ghana amazing. On this tour you will walk or hike through a rural coastal area of Ghana staying each night in lovely beach side eco-lodges. During the day there will be time to asquint yourself with your surroundings in each area, whether it be exploring castles, taking a canoe crocodile safari, learning to surf, learning to cook, drum, and exploring rubber plantations and rain forest reserves. You will also connect to friendly fishing village where all the children will want you to be their new friend.

The Cape Three Points are of Ghana is in the far Western Region, where the beaches are endless and clean and the people welcoming and kind. This complex of capes forms the most southern area of Ghana along the Sea of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. This area is special because of the opportunity it provides visitors to get to know the area and do so by hiking between communities. There is a complex of heritage trails in the area that go back hundreds of years used by the Ahanta people in the area to travel between their communities. Today the trails still exist and wind their way through Coconut Groves, Rubber Plantations, thickets of Bamboo and butterflies. Until recently a trip like this was not really possible for the casual visitor though because of the lack of accommodations within walking distance of each other. Now there are a number of great Ecolodges that make this trip not only possible but truly unforgettable.

Day 1
Arrive in Accra and transfer to Hotel.

Butre | Cape 3 Points Trekking Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 2
It is time to get on the road and head out of the busy city west down the coast line, passing through the major regional capitals Cape Coast and Takaradi. Around evening time you will reach your destination at near the village of Butre, where you will say good bye to your driver and start enjoying the beauty of this beach resort.

Day 3
In the morning you will meet your walking guide for the Cape There Points area. After breakfast you can take a short walk down the beach to the village of Butre (about 2km). There is a crocodile canoe safari that goes up the river there and a castle on the hill to explore. The rest of the day will consist of a short walk to the village of Busua over a hill from Butre, where you can enjoy the beach, take a surf lesson, go snorkeling, take some tours of the area or just relax.

Day 4
After breakfast you will hike to Dixcove (about 2km) and explore a colonial castle there, and the market. You will then have a long hike to the village of Akwidaa and the lodge where you will spend the next night about 10km where you can sprawl out on the beach or enjoy a the sunset with something cool to drink.

Day 5
Waking up on the beautiful Ezile Bay, it is time to explore the area, you can take cooking lessons and a canoe trip up the river into the mangroves. The afternoon will involve about a 4km hike to your next resting point near the village of Cape Three Points. The hike will start along the coast line and then go through a little forest area before finishing up on the road with a couple of km to Escape3Points Lodge.

Day 6
You can take a walk down the beach into the village of Cape Three Points and then head out to the Lighthouse. After the light house you will get back on the trail you will hike through the village of Cape Three Points again and on the other side continue along the beach to the west before heading inland to cross a number of hilly capes before descending into a lovely fishing village with a lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other. There are a number of little fishing village that you will pass through on your way to Princess Town. These villages do not receive a lot of guests so they will be surprised that you walked across the capes and be very welcoming to you. When you reach Princess Town you will climb the hill to the colonial castle where you will stay for the night.

Day 7
Spend a little time on the beach in the morning before taking the drive back to Accra to finish out the trip. Stay another last night in Accra.

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