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Ghana South To North Tour
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Ghana South To North Tour

Elephants | Mole National Park | Ghana South to North Tour

Ghana is often described as a microcosm of Africa; there is so much for travelers to experience with rich culture, wildlife, and adventure. In the south of Ghana there are the beautiful beaches, stunning rain forests, traditional belief systems along with Christianity, and lush wetlands. In the north the green jungles give way to rolling grassland and shrub lands with the wildlife that is usually identified with Africa, like the gazelles, elephant, hippos, and many others. There is a shift in religion to Islam along with other traditional beliefs. But what remains constant is the welcoming hospitality of Ghanaian’s and their amazing culture.

This is a great tour to get to know the whole of Ghana. It is so easy to just focus on the south of the country with all that there is to do and see but there is so much more to Ghana in the north. Some people describe it almost like traveling to another country when going to the north. The landscape is the most drastic change, but there is also the architecture, religion and languages of the people. This is part of what makes Ghana so amazing when you have a country, and villages that have both Christians and Muslims living side by side in harmony with those that practice traditional beliefs. There are not many places in the world where you can experience this kind of tranquility and tolerance for different beliefs.

Tano Sacred Grove | Ghana South To North Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresGhanaian’s are said to be the friendliest people in Africa. Combine this with amazing hospitality and the majority of the population speaking English it is hard to believe that the wonderful parks and wildlife reserves you will experience on this vacation are not crowed with tourists. But lucky for you Ghana is an undiscovered paradise for travelers and often you won’t even see another tourist in the areas you visit other than at you accommodations each night. With the exception of a few places in the cities (just like any major city in the US) it is safe to explore and walk around, and check out the surroundings.

Day 1
Upon arrival at the Accra airport you will be met by your guide (driver/Guide/cultural ambassador) who will introduce you to the amazing Ghanaian hospitality that you will come to love.

Day 2:
You will spend the day exploring Accra. There are not any real tourist draws in Accra but some great places to visit to get a feel for the history and culture of Ghana.

  • Old Accra, James town, visit Jay-Nii beach and Brazil house
  • Nkrumah Mausoleum
  • Museums

Day 3:
After exploring Accra it is time to head north to the Second largest city in Ghana, Kumasi. Arriving in the afternoon the first stop will be the cultural center where you will learn about the Ashanti people and their significance in Ghana. In the evening you will head a little way out of the city to Lake Bosomtwe for the night.

Baobeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary | Ghana North to South Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 4:
Explore Kumasi and the surrounding cultural sites, museums, and craft villages. Evening drive to Techiman and stay at an orphanage for handicapped children.

Day 5:
You will visit Baobeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, Tano Sacred Grove and Ghana Permaculture Institute, before returning to the Orphanage for another night.

Day 6:
You will spend the day on the road to Wa. There are some historical mud and stick mosques along the way.

Day 7:
Leaving Wa in the morning you will head to the west down a dusty road for a short drive to Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary, this will be the highlight of the trip for many. You will take a river safari in a canoe and most likely see some hippos along the way.

Day 8:
Leaving the Upper West region behind, you will back track south a little ways then east down a long gravel road before reaching the treasure of National Parks in Ghana, Mole National Park. Here you will check into the Mole Motel, where you can spend the warm afternoon swimming.

Day 9:
Take a walking safari in the morning with an armed guard who knows where the wildlife usually is and so much more information that he can share with you. You will hopefully get to see bush buck, antelope, crocodiles, baboons, and elephants.

After spending some time around the Motel to see if the Elephants show up at the watering hole again you will take a shot trip outside of the park to Mognori Eco-Village. Mognori is the full package of community based tourism destinations in Ghana. At Magnori you will take a canoe safari on a river back into the park, this is a great way to see another side of the park and so many different kinds of birds. After the canoe safari you will return back to the Village where one of the local guides will take you on a walk through the village.

* A homestay for a night at Magnori village can be substituted for those interested.

Weichaiu Hippo Sanctuary | Ghana South to North Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 10:
Leaving Mole behind you will drive to Tamale in the morning which is the Capital of the Northern Region of Ghana where you will have lunch before continuing up the road to Bolgatonga the capital of the Upper East region. Here you will settle in for the afternoon at the hotel.

Day 11:
The first destination of the day will be to the Bolgatonga market which is known for the baskets that the women in the area make, called Bolga baskets. The market is also a great place to pick up on some textiles like the smocks that the men wear in the north.

A little north of Bolgatonga will be the next stop at Tongo-Tengzug, the area around these villages is a very unique landscape with many balancing rock outcroppings, shrines, and caves with importance to the inhabitance of the area.

A little further down the road you will arrive at the painted village of Sirigu, this community based tourism project was started by the women of the area to showcase the beautiful paintings of the village and the pottery which is known throughout the country.

Depending on the time you will either drive back to Bolgatonga for the evening or continue onto Navrongo to see the large Catholic Cathedral and grotto, this town is known as the origin of Chatholisim in the north of Ghana.

Day 12:
Waking for another day in Bolgatonga, this day will be spent exploring some more of the sights around Bolgatonga. First stop will be the Gambaga Escarpment where you will have a nice morning hike onto the escarpment where you will have amazing views of the surrounding area and a number of different kinds of birds.

A little further down the road you will make a stop at the village of Nalerigu where you will explore the village and see the Nigeria wall which was protection for the people against the slave trade.

On the way back to Bolgatonga for the night you will stop in Walewale to see a unique very old mosque with distinct Moorish tower.

Day 13:
After your last night in Bolgatonga it is time to drive south again. Part way through the hot landscape you will take a break and hike a little ways in a forest to Kintampo falls which are said to be around 75 feet tall, there is a pool at the bottom which would be refreshing for a swim. In the afternoon you will pull back into Kumasi where you will stay the night.

Day 14:
The last day of your trip will be spent driving back to Accra.

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