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Ghana, Togo, and Benin Adventure
Ghana, Togo, and Benin Adventure

Lome Fetish Market | Lome, Togo | Ghana, Togo and Benin Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 1: Arrive in Accra and transfer to accommodations.

Day 2: Leaving Accra headed towards the border. We will stop at Vume just before crossing the Volta river where you can learn about the black potter they do there and buy any if you wish. From there to the hectic border crossing town on the Ghana, Togo border before crossing into Togo and Lome. Take a late afternoon visit to the Fetish Voodoo market. Stay the night in Lome.

Day 3: Depart from Lome after visiting the Central Post office in the morning driving East towards Benin, a little while after Lome you will take a detour to the village of Togoville. This requires taking a boat across Lake Togo to visit this very unique community where Voodoo is principally practiced in Togo, and where a large cathedral is also located for some stark contrast. After touring the village you will return back over the lake and continue by car to the Benin Border crossing and continue a little way to Ouidah, the center of Voodoo in Benin. Visit the Temple of Python and the Sacred forest. Stay the night in Ouidah.

Day 4: Wake up and drive into Cotonou, spend some time exploring this very interesting city with a great mix between western urbanism but with the beauty of people in their traditional dress and colors. Spend this free day in Cotonou zooming around the city in Moto taxi or using your already provide transportation to get to the market, museums, central Post Office, and Central Mosque. In the afternoon you will drive to Ganvie taking a boat into the center of the lagoon to the very unique stilted village. Here you will stay the night over the water in the village.

Fisher man | Lome, Togo | Ghana, Togo, and Benin Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 5: After leaving the watery village behind you will continue north to Abomey. Spend the day exploring the 12 ancient kingdom structures in Abomey learning about the once great civilization. Stay the night in Abomey.

Day 6: Set off for Sokode stopping en route at the Dankoli shrine, the most powerful shrine in Benin, continue to Sokode, staying there for the night.

Day 7: Depart early morning for Kara. Visit the Tamberba-valley with its beautiful "Tata"(miniature fortified castles built with clay) structures. Also visit the mountains to see how iron is made by still using an old primitive method where older women are responsible for collecting coal in the hills that is used for smelting iron-ore. Drive onto Kara and stay for the night.

Day 8: In the early morning depart kara to Yendi after a border crossing and a short drive we pay a courtesy call on the regent of the Dagomba tribe. We continue to the Gnai witch camp to meet some of the women and their children accused of witchcraft. We can make a small donation to support their upkeep. Our interaction with the alleged witches will give us an insight into how people’s traditional beliefs have resulted in the abuse human rights of others. Continue on to Tamale.

In Tamale we will drive to Sognayili village and see the dagomba tribe. At Sognayilli village, we will visit the chief, the village shrine, see the traditional way of bathing newly born babies by the dagomba tribe, try your hands on local cotton spinning and also interact with the locals as well as a traditional fortune teller who tell stories in “the Dagomba way.”

Drive to Magnori Eco-village. Take an hour tour of the village to experience the way of life of the local mix gonja and hanga tribes. Visit the traditional herbalist who will take you through their traditional healing process, the chief’s palace to learn how homage is paid to the chief and the pigeon house where the birds are reared for traditional purposes. We will also have the opportunity to learn how the local women make a living out of shea butter and gari processing.
Spend the evening with a dancing and drumming celebration and then stay in Mole National Park.

Day 9: Spend the day at Mole National Park, take a walking safari and a driving safari if you choose, you can get up close and personal with elephants and many other wild life. Spend the hot parts of the day by the pool.

Mole National Park | Elephants | Safari | Ghana | Ghana, Togo and Benin Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 10: After breakfast we will drive out of the park taking a short stop to see the mosque in Larabanga before continuing onto Baobeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary.

Visit Baobeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, where people in two villages live a very unique life side by side with populations of Mona and Colombus Monkeys.
Continue onto Kumasi, visiting the market in the late afternoon. Stay the night in Kumasi.

Day 11: In Kumasi, you will visit the Manhyiah Museum then to the Ashantihene court yard to see how the king of Ashanti and his elders deliberate on matters. You will also visit the Ashanti Cultural center, and Adowomase Kente weaving village before continuing onto Cape Coast to relax the rest of the evening.

Day 12: Spend the day exploring the natural and historical sites around Cape Coast. Starting with Kakum National Park in the morning and Cape Coast Castle and Elmina later in the day.

Day 13: Return to Accra for the end of the trip.

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