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Ghana Volta Region Eco-Paradise Adventure
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Ghana Volta Region Eco-Paradise Adventure

Avatime Hills | Volta Region | Ghana Volta Eco Adventure | Green Bug Adventures

The Volta Region is a thin piece of lush forested land situated between Volta Lake and Togo inhabited by the Ewe people. This area is probably the best area for Ecotourists in Ghana, with its many community based tourism projects and the off the path feel. The Volta has an interesting history in that it was part of the former German colony of Togoland and was only integrated into Ghana at the time of independence. Soon after independence the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah commissioned the building of the Volta dam which created the largest man-made reservoir in the world which separated the Volta region from the rest of Ghana. Not only is the history different from the rest of Ghana but so is the geography. This area boasts the tallest mountains in Ghana, and has more significant elevation changes than a lot of the other areas in Ghana. From the shores of lake Volta, the green hills and mountain rise to the Togo border, making for a little cooler temperate climate that is great for exploring and hiking.

Activities: Hiking, Biking, Waterfall pool swimming, Wildlife viewing (primarily primates), Interacting with villages with community based tourism programs, Learning about bead making, kente weaving, and other local crafts.

Highlight Destinations: Aburi Botanical Gardens, Tette Quarshie’s cocoa plantation, Cedi Bead Factory, Borti Falls, Kalapka Resource Reserve, Avatime hills, Amedzofe Falls, Mt. Gemi Tafi, Atome and the Monkey Sanctuary, Agummatse (Wli) Waterfall, and Kyabobo National Park.

Aburi Botanical Gardens | Ghana Volta Region Eco-Paradise Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 1:
Upon arrival at the Accra airport you will be met by your guide (driver/Guide/cultural ambassador) who will introduce you to the amazing Ghanaian hospitality that you will come to love. You will be driven to your hotel.

After settling in and relaxing a bit you will have dinner with your guide so you can begin to get to know each other. Soon it will be time to turn in for the night to get some good rest before the next day’s adventures.

Day 2:
It is now time to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and drive into the cool hills to the north of Accra. First stop is the Aburi Botanical Gardens, where you will get to see first-hand so many of the beautiful plants and flowers that inhabit Ghana and Tropical Africa. Back on the road and on the way to cross the Volta you will stop at a bead market with so many different types of glass beads. You will spend the night in Ho.

Day 3:
Following breakfast you will take advantage of the cool morning and bike into the Kalapka resource reserve and hopefully be gifted with the site of some wildlife before the heat of the day, when even the wildlife disappear. Back on the road you will ascend into the Avatime hills where you will spend some time on foot exploring Amedzofe waterfall, climbing Mt. Gemi, and descending into a valley of mist to Biakpa you will stay the night at a hotel with amazing views of the valley.

 Mt. Gemi | Avatime Hills | Ghana Volta Region Eco-Paradise Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 4:
Enjoy the Avatime hills, taking advantage of any of the activities you did not get to on the prior day like the river gorge hike, hiking to Amedzofe waterfall, or climb Mt. Gemi, do some mountain biking or explore the villages of Amedzofe, and Biakpa. You can also just choose to relax and enjoy the views and quite scenery.

Day 5:
In the morning you will continue with a hike to Tafe Atome village and Monkey Sanctuary where monkeys have traditionally been sacred to the village for hundreds of years. This is a wonderful example of traditional African conservation still at work. This community based ecotourism project also offers short day hikes to the surrounding areas and tours of the village. You can spend the morning looking around this beautiful area. Continuing on the road to the north the next Stop is Ho Hoe for lunch. In the afternoon you will take a short drive out of Ho Hoe into the hills to Wli and check into your hotel for the night.

Day 6:
You will have the option of hiking to the Agummatse (Wli) Waterfall, probably the most significant waterfall in the area, said to be the highest in West Africa, there is some contention though as to if that title applies to the elevation of the falls or the height which the water falls. Do some hiking in the area and stay another night here.

Wli Falls | Ghana Volta Region Eco-Paradise Adventure | Green Bug AdventuresDay 7:
Leaving Wli and the falls behind you will head further north to Ghana’s newest National Park Kyabobo. Here you will check into the beautiful national park guest house not too far from the foot of the park and the Breast Mountains. If you have the energy, an evening bike ride around the area is a great way to get a feel for your new surroundings.

Day 8:
There are so many things to do and see in and around Kyabobo. There are a number of great day hikes, one going up a creek ravine where you cross the creek close to 17 times as you wind your way up to find a refreshing waterfall, you can stop there or continue up the steep path to the even larger upper falls. On the outskirts of the park you can hike to a series of villages that are called the hanging villages because of the way they cling to the side of the mountains. Some travelers say the hanging villages remind them a lot of those in Nepal. There are falls that can be visited near the villages or you can visit the chief and it is customary to drink and poor libations to the spirits.

An overnight expedition into the park can be arranged for a truly unique experience. Mountain bikes are available and would be a great way to explore the villages that surround the park. If you are at Kyabobo during the right time of the year you can even inner tube the river that is the border between Ghana and Togo, what a great way to cool off.

Day 9:
You will get another day to explore this wonderful national park some more either just enjoying a leisurely walk or getting into some more adventure activities.

Day 10:
On the last day of the trip you will drive back to Accra at a leisurely pace with some stops for food and at some great places to get some crafts.

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