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Osu Walking Tour

Osu Beach | Osu Walking Tour | Accra, Ghana | Green Bug AdventuresOn this walking tour you will get to see some sides of Osu that many people don’t even know exist.  The side of Osu that will take you back in time before the glitz and glamor of Oxford street.  One surrounded by colonial architecture, the time of Kings, and Queens and traditional spirituality.  You will see how people live smack dab in the middle of these two differing paradigms of modern African life still firmly connected to the past and the future.  You will learn about how people make a living, what people eat, and how people are still firmly attached to the sea and the fish that it brings to feed the people.  All of this is the shadow of Christianburg Castle that was the seat of Post Colonial Ghanaian government and in important outpost of the Gold Coast Colony, and the seat of the Danish Guinea colony before that.

Parade Grounds | Osu Walking Tour | Green Bug AdventuresWe offer two walking tours one in the morning and one in the afternoon each last for 4 hours.  We also offer a 3rd 6 hour walking tour focused on the Danish Occupation of Christainburg castle and their experiment in colonialism.  The one in the morning will have some focus around the market and activities.  The afternoon tour will culminate at Osu beach when the fishing boats come back to shore after a day of fishing you will help to pull in the boats and see the bounty of the days catch.

Morning Tour: 8am to 12pm,  Meet at 5 way junction, conclude at 5 way junction

Afternoon Tour:  1:30pm to 5:30pm, Meet at 5 way junction, conclude at 5 way junction

Tour Summary:

  1. Start at 5 junction in Osu near the night market
  2. Walk to the Chief Palace seeing some clan houses along the way
  3. Enter the palace or one of the clan houses and present a gift and get the blessing to continue through the community
  4. Tour of the Castle
  5. Walk down to the beach


  1. Walk to the market though the tiny alley ways and learn about kenkey at the kenkey factory


  1. Help pull in a fishing boat and follow the catch to the market
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