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The Green Bug Story
The Green Bug Story

The owner Leif Ryman grew up in the mountains of Eastern Oregon and spent his youth interacting with nature and stumbling into adventures around every corner. He was raised with the values of respecting nature, and different peoples’ beliefs and cultures. His family summer vacations could probably be described as visiting Eco/Adventures around the country before that term was even in regular use. At a young age he was fortunate enough to have visited many of the great National Parks throughout the Western US. This led to a great appreciation for nature based travel and an early education in the responsibilities of traveling to delicate natural ecosystems.

Later in life Leif spent time living in Sweden, and studying in Ghana West Africa, with these experiences he learned about the importance of respecting local cultures and beliefs and the potentially negative consequences of tourism on them. He also learned how important it is for people around the world to be able to learn about the way others live without disturbing their cultures and beliefs with there own. Taking what he learned in early life with his experiences in later life, then combining it with an active lifestyle it is easy to see how he became and Adventure Eco-Tourist.

Green Bug Adventures culminated after Leif had been out of college for a few years and working a desk job. He constantly longed for more adventure and travel and re-connecting with Africa where he had spent some time in college and had fallen in love with the people, culture, land and adventure. He ran across an article in about an adventure travel company start-up of some one much like himself which had grown pretty successfully in the last 10 years. After communicating with the owner about the opportunity to be a part of this company and potentially help to expand it into Africa he decided to start his own company when it looked like he would not be able to work with this other business. Green Bug Adventures is now the outlet of all of Leif’s passion for travel, Africa, and adventures, he wishes to share with the world.

Green Bug Adventures has been in business since 2011 and has done numberous trips.  In 2015 after the down turn of travel in Ghana and other parts of Africa due to Ebola Leif went onto cofound Superior Hospitality Solutions building the capacity of hotels in the region with digital marketing tools.  Green Bug Adventures is now under the umbrella of Superior Hospitality Solutions, and Leif lives in Ghana full time now running both companies.