Ghana Beach and Sun Adventure
Ghana South To North Tour
Ghana Volta Region Eco-Paradise Adventure
Ghana Surf Safari
Ghana Cape 3 Points Trekking Adventure
Osu Walking Tour
Ghana, Togo, and Benin Adventure


The vast majority of tours we do are customized for people.  Below are some examples of some great tours we can do and and pricing associated with it to give you an idea of what your vacation would look like.  Of course everyones time and expectations are different so we would be happy to put together something that works for you.

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Osu Walking Tour

Osu is best known for the activity centering around Danquah circle and Oxford Street.  This is all about shopping, shopping malls, craft shops, electronics, night clubs, restaurants, casinos and Hotels.  Osu is the place to for tourists and young Ghanaians who what a taste of a modern city and some international flavor.  But not far off the main Oxford street there is still a very traditional Ga community.  You hear much less obruni (foreigner in Twi) and when the children do call to you it will be brofonyo (foreigner in Ga).  Hidden in these back streets are the houses of sub chiefs, shrines and even the palace of The King King of Osu.

Osu Walking Tour

Ghana Beach and Sun Adventure

Highlights of the Trip:

  • Lots of time on Ghana’s beautiful beaches.
  • Explore Cape Coast with colonial castles, markets and architecture.
  • Walk through the canopy of the rain forest a Kakum National park, maybe even stay a night in the treetops.
  • Exquisite deserted beaches in the western region for your enjoyment.
  • Trek through coastal jungles and friendly fishing villages.
  • Take a surf lesson.
  • Explore the natural wonders of Ankasa Reserve.

Volta Ecotourism Paradise Adventure

Ghana Volta Region Eco-Paradise Adventure

The Volta Region is a thin piece of lush forested land situated between the Volta Lake and Togo inhabited by primary the Ewe people.  This area is probably the best area for Eco-tourists to visit in Ghana, with its many community based tourism projects and the off the path feel.

Activities: Hiking Biking Waterfall pool swimming Wildlife viewing (primarily primates) Interacting with villages with community based tourism programs Learning about bead making, kente weaving, and other local crafts

Volta Ecotourism Paradise Adventure

Ghana South to North Adventure

This 14 day adventure will take you from Accra to the famous Mole National Park and back to Accra.

Highlights of this trip:

  • Explore Accra
  • Kumasi and the center of the Ashanti culture
  • Sacred Groves
  • Waterfalls
  • Mole National Park
  • Hippo Sanctuary
  • Wildlife, Monkeys, Elephants, Hippos and much more
  • Natral Areas

 Ghana North to South More Info

Ghana Surf Safari

Our surf camp is a great way to learn how to surf in a wonderful country. This 8 day camp is a perfect addition to one of our other adventures in Ghana for someone who hasn’t surfed much, an intermediate or even someone who needs to brush up on their skills. We want you to have an experiance of a lifetime so we would deffinitly recomend that you check out more of what Ghana has to offer before or after this camp, either on your own or with another Green Bug Adventures tour or guide.

This adventure will take you from Accra the capital of Ghana (if you choose to let us take care of the transportation and you did not have another trip before hand) down the coast to the Western Region of Ghana to a beach community called Busua. Once you reach Busua the fun begins the next day with your first of 6 surfing lessons and 7 days of surfing and two of those afternoons will be spent surfing some remote breaks.

Ghana Surf Camp more info

Cape Three Points Trekking Adventure

7 Days of trekking through paradise, staying each night in lovely beach front Eco-lodges

  • 7 days of moderate trekking along the coast line
  • 14km longest day
  • Accommodations each night in Eco-lodges, and Hotels
  • 1 night in a colonial fort
  • Hike along beaches and over tree covered capes and forests
  • Visit isolated communities along the way
  • Options for surfing and side trips

Ghana Trekking Adventure More Info

Ghana, Togo and Benin Adventure

Looking to visit West Africa but you can not decide one just one country?  There is no need to choose, let us show you around 3 of them in a two week trip.

Ghana is often known as the Gateway to Africa and Africa light as it is very welcoming and easy to travel in.  Togo and Benin are also great places to visit but a little harder to get around if you don't speak French.  They are also known as the birth places of Voodoo.  Let us show you these wonderful countries and make it all very easy.

Ghana Togo and Benin Adventure

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